Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge!

Justin and I have been doing a 6 wk. Biggest Loser style weight loss competition! It has kicked my butt back into shape. Justin lost 15lbs and I lost 6.5lbs. I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm down to what I was before I got married and Justin fattened me up!! Justin is in 1st place right now and I'm in the top 4, but we need facebook votes to stay on the top! How you do it is you go to my page and you'll see a link, you click on the bottom left corner that says IdealShape Training Center, which will take you to their page, once your there you like their page, and then like my photo. It only takes probably 1 min. tops and I would really really really appreciate it!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I never promised to be a good blogger

We meet again blog! Maybe once I get this post of the way I won't feel, whenever I walk into a room with a computer, it screaming at me "You haven't blogged in a while" or "isn't it time to blog". So here is a update of our last 2 months. Chloe is a stinkin 7 months old! I can't believe it!

( sorry i've recently been made aware that I speak Sarah Palin. Which means I sound like bobby's mom on bobbies world. If you don't know that reference from when you were younger, or the Sarah Palin reference, they just mean I say flippin, and stinkin, and any other twangy, country,  conservative sounding language. Its embarrassing. I'm working on it. )
Chloe is amazing! I love seeing her grow and become such a little busy body! She's very unique and I love it! She loves water more then milk. In her bath I pass her the little tiny football and say "chloe run for a touch down" She then starts kicking her legs like crazy! She can crawl everywhere...just backwards. She is working very hard on the front wards crawl and it's coming along.

Since the last blogging adventure halloween and christmas have come and past. Justin is not big on holidays but I am like a little kid when it comes to them! I try to put a little pep in his holiday step and he tries to tune down my over enthusiasm. all in all it works out perfectly! This yr. for halloween we were duck hunters and chloe was our little duck. We went to a few halloween parties and everyone seemed to really like our costumes. Which is great for me because every success we have with holidays is fuel to justin's holidays fire and he gets a little more excited! Christmas was amazing this year! By far the best Christmas I've ever had! This year was so great. We teamed up with my mom and did toys for tots for a few families we knew. It added so much to christmas and I am excited to do it again next year! Giving never gets old! Speaking of giving! My husband was so generous this Christmas! Chloe was spoiled silly and I was too! Chloe got more toys then she knows what to do with. I got a kinects, ski pass, and books and in return Justin got his coveted mac book pro with his adobe everything program. He treats that thing like it is a brand new baby. He does not take it out of the house ,carries it like its the most delicate, fragile thing he's ever going to hold. It's pretty cute to see.
The gifts were great but we did not forget the gift of our savior! We were filled with so much love for our savior this year. We know we have been so blessed this past year! Because of him and his sacrifice and his life we can obtain attributes and have change of hearts that will eventually get us to our heavenly father and our savior once again! Only through him is it possible and we feel so grateful and so indebted to him!
This year for christmas eve we went with Justin's family. The Critchfield crew is always a hoot! There are 8 kids in his family including him. Which has led to 26 grandkids. So as you can image it's like a school yard after the recess bell has just rung at his parents house on the holidays. Just pure chaos and it's awesome! This year Justin's dad Jay got bales of hay and loaded his trailer up with them and all 26+ of us and we all went on a hay bale ride singing christmas songs around the neighborhood! It was a blast. Christmas day we spent with my family. If you know my family we all love eachother so much, extended family comes to everything, and any excuse to get together we will. If we could get everyone together for hug a friend day I think we would. We are that bad. Somehow we ended up having 3 different mini christmas parties with the same family all in one day. Wouldn't change it! This is a long post but I figure at the rate i'm going with this blog it will be at least 2 more months til I blog again so there it is. You are updated!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 month old baby girl!

This is our beautiful 5 month old baby girl! She is the apple of our eyes, the wind beneath our wings, and any other cheesy,expressive saying like that you could come up with! When I talk about her I sound like a high school girl with a crush... I say things like her smile makes my day,and she's the best part of me.... But it's true. I love this little munchkin more then I could have ever imagined. So here is what this tiny pea is up to at 5 months. She talks more then anyone else in our house! She wakes up and talks, talks all day and even in the middle of the night I will hear her talking..so i'll go to check on her and she is fast asleep still just softly babbling away.I guess she's like her mom, a chatty Cathy.  She started rolling over at 3 months and now we can't stop her. One of her favorite things is to roll all over the place. It's how she gets around. She can roll to any toy she wants, it doesn't matter if it's 6inch away or a couple ft., somehow i'll look over and she will have gotten there. I am convinced this girl is baby Einstein! She has figured out that since she can't crawl,if she can pull down the blanket the toy will come to her. GENIUS! But her VERY favorite thing is to look at her dad, then coo at her dad, then get shy and turn away then look at him again and smile... Its almost sickening how much she adores her dad. Ok it's not, it's adorable!! I was just venting my bitternes that it's not me she makes love googly eyes at. There is something very uniquely special about the daddy daughter relationship,  I love it. It's one of the sweetest things i've ever witnessed! One last thing and then i'll let this ode to chloe come to a end. This is the thing I love most about my little one! She is so energetic! She has a love for life and a curiosity about everything that is already coming out! She has to get her hands on everything, look at everything, taste everything, try everything for herself. I love this girl! I am so grateful for her!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dirty Dash

YES! The time has finally come! The Dirty Dash weekend is officially here! If the question was asked who wants to run a 10 k I would not be one of the people to raise my hand. But who wants to run a 10k with a little pizazz and A LOT of obstacles and MUD... YES PLEASE!! The first time I looked at this map I fell in love. So i guess it's true,  love at first sight really does exist! Just and I knew we had to get our friends the Smiths in on it with us. The beautiful thing about getting Adam and Natalie in on it with us is that they are as equally competitive as we are.. (it's rare to find). Let me explain what I mean when I say competitive. Most people like to win, but the Critchfield household is a house where the board game Monopoly turns into a blood bath. When Board Walk is bought there is a lot of glares and occasionally some in your face dance moves to say ha ha SUCKA! It is all out of love... for the most part. Anyways we got together with the smiths and decided we wanted to make a little wager with the boys, if we cross the finish line first  they have to take us on a little vacay. We trained pretty hard... ran at least 3 times, and ate breakfast burritos non stop. Ok we didn't train very much. But we had complete confidence in ourselves. We knew we could run the 6.2 miles if not because of our physical training at least because our will to win! It was a ball!!!! the first 3 miles were a lot of up hill which was pretty killer, but we enjoyed because we occasionally had bales of hay to hop over or walls to climb over to land in a big mud pit or tunnels to crawl through. The last 3 miles were my favorite! What a riot!  There was a big huge swampy marsh area that we had to trudge through. We decided to make it fun! Nat and I had to get eachother covered in mud so we made sure eachother fell whenever was possible. Justin and Adam wanted to get in on the fun so they joined in and slung mud at us, tackled us, and justin stuffed mud down my pants. Which was pretty embarrassing to run the rest of the race with brown goop coming out of my underpants, believe me! We ran to a big huge slip and slide, ran as fast as we could and just went for it. We were slipping and flipping and tucking and rolling all over the place! The last obstacle was a big mud puddle with a mud slide! We finished and i'm convinced I was at least 2 toes ahead of justin over the finish line. But in the end it didn't matte,r we just had so much fun! And yes I think we get our vacay anyways. Here are some pics of the day...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

blog community population: 100,000,000,000,000 and 1....

The Critchfields are officially becoming part of the blog community, yippee ky aye! What makes what someone did last tuesday,  what their dog chewed on this morning, or what they're eating tonight so exciting, when normally it would not be that interesting to hear about? Writing it in a blog of course!  I've come to the realization that I like to read blogs. I like to read what people are up to and for some reason it is interesting, even if it's small things. So yes, I followed the crowd, I jumped off the bridge because everyone was doing it. And you know what I'm happy about it. I'm a blogger! Oh man does that feel good to say... sort of.
Anyways I guess it's time to get the introductions out of the way so we can really become 'blog friends'. So here is the introduction. Just bare with me. All real friends have to go through this at some point so why should you guys be excluded? Justin and I met 4 years ago. We dated on and off  for 2 loooong years before we got engaged and then on april 10th, 2009 we got in the car drove to the Timpanogas Temple and got sealed for time and all eternity... the best decision of my life! Not too long after we got down to business and made a baby. Justin thinks I tricked him. But I think if you want something bad enough and think about it enough it will happen, if it is the Lords will. So yes I am proof of the power of thoughts because boy did i think about a little baby a lot! On May 5th 2010 (My birthday) we welcomed little Chloe Lynn Critchfield to our family! She is the best thing that ever happened to us, other then getting a DVR... Only kidding. Justin is in real estate. He is amazing at his job! check him out at www.realdealutah.com, he can help you out with shortsales, foreclosures, buying, selling, loan mods, pretty much anything having to do with real estate or marketing he's your guy... ( had to throw in a brief sales pitch, I wouldn't be a good wife if I didn't).  When he's not working he's playing sports, or watching sports, or talking about sports, or looking up facts about sports. He enjoys hunting, ufc and lots of other ultra manly stuff ;). I went to school for physical therapy assisting. I really love sports mainly soccer. I love crafting, and my new passion, that has kept me really busy lately, I LOVE DECORATING! meaning interior design. Now on to our last member, our little Chloe.. she enjoys yapping for hours, slobbering on everything, being independent and trying to do everything herself.. i'm not kidding she feeds herself her bottle. and when we moved to rice cereal she didn't like me to feed her so she grabbed the spoon and kept shoving it in her mouth, all I was there for was to refill her spoon when it got low. and now i'm rambling like a over zealous proud mother. oh well. Ok glad that's over with. Now we can move on to other important blogger topics.